How to Create a Free Excel AI Crypto Trading Bot for Okx and Binance Trading Bot?

How to Create a Free and High Profit Excel AI Crypto Trading Bot including okx and binance trading bot so that you work and trade in the office at the same time. It is not only a completely free auto trading platform, but also its backtest portfolio is basically close to the real market, more free parameter settings and better order logic, lower trading losses and higher profits better than 80% of the same type of bot strategies on automated trading platform such as grid bot and martingale bot, supporting custom calling of trading functions, run in a pure office environment, no need to install additional programs, suitable for beginners to get started with crypto bot trading, and also assist in placing orders by manual for traders!

Let's go to start the bot for trading cryptocurrency by our algo AI trading software, Enjoy autotrading!


Software download address:, there you can find the okx and binance trading bot on github.

The graphics tutorial as followed, details please go to


1. Operating environment: Windows system, office 2007 and later versions or WPS with VBA can basically run. Excel needs to start macros to run Excel trading bot;

2. Anti-virus software may report false alarms. It is recommended to turn off the anti-virus software or add okex_exe to the trust list. The program does not have any backdoors, so please feel free to use it;

3. Make sure that the computer can access or If it cannot be accessed, please set up VPN to access or modify the host to the or exchange in some areas;

4. Please delete any content in rows 1-11 in the table, otherwise it will cause software exception.

5. This software only provides a packaged trading interface and cannot guarantee profits although the crypto trading bot performs better than similar strategies. All profits are based on the user's parameter settings. We are not responsible for any losses caused.

It is recommended to use demo trading to familiarize yourself with the excel trading bot firstly. Let's take demo trading of okx as an example to explain how to start automatic strategy trading:

1). Obtain okx API : Log in to the okx web version and open;

2). Click to apply for the V5 API key, enter the password, checkbox the trade, and do not check the withdrawal, to avoid API leakage resulting in loss of funds. In addition, you can bind the IP to improve the security of the API;

3). Open the aijiebot trading bot software and click the API Settings button;

4). Fill in the API key, secret key and password of the API creation page into apikey, apisecre and PASSHRASE respectively;

5). Select the OKEX main site (real trading) or test site (demo trading), click API Settings, and the API is successfully set;

6). Click the parameter setting button and set the strategy parameters in the pop-up window (currently only USDT-based contracts are supported, and the contract code format is btc-usdt-swap);

7). Pull down the trading strategy and select the strategy. There are currently three optional strategies (grid, Martin-like and hybrid strategies). Click on the lower right corner of the pop-up window to set parameters;

8). Finally, click the Start Strategy button to start automatic crypto strategy trading.




    1. Which exchanges are supported?

    Answer: Currently, it supports Okx and Binance exchange. You can run okx or Binance  trading bot in excel. Other exchanges will be developed in the future.

    2. Can the excel trading bot be used on mobile phones?

    Answer: The excel trading bot software runs on a personal computer or windows server with Excel or wps installed. It does not support mobile phones for the time being.

    3.Why can't excel trading bot open a position normally even after I configured it according to the tutorial?

    Answer: Please make sure that your account can manually place orders successfully, and then start the robot after manually testing orders successfully.

    4.What languages does the trading bot support?

    The trading bot currently supports Chinese and English, you can click the Language button to switch.

    5. What is the difference between aijiebot and exchange for strategy trading such as okx and Binance ?


    1). The exchange’s grid parameter setting is limited and only supports the setting of grid number and price range. aijiebot is a real ai crypto trading bot;

    2). After the exchange's grid is running, opening and closing positions can only be at a fixed price. Once set, it cannot be changed, but aijiebot can freely change it at any time;

    3). The trading fee loss of the exchange grid is too large, for example, grid price at 1-3-5, then when it falls below 1, buy, and when it exceeds 3, sell. If it just breaks through 3, and falls below 3 again, it will be bought again. However, these two back-and-forth orders are completely invalid, but there are twice more trading fees. The aijiebot trading bot can make the space of orders opening and the space of orders closing, so as to avoid the loss of trading fees and get higher profit;

    4). Suitable for batch creation of strategies, while exchange strategies can only be created one by one, and multi-strategy comparison cannot be performed;

    5). The software relies on Excel office software with powerful data processing capabilities, which can facilitate secondary processing of trading data;

    6). Backtesting shows that the return is significantly higher than 80% of exchange strategies in the same price range.

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