aijiebots office excel crypto trading bots tutorial 4:How to configure binance API for binance bots

How to configure binance API to start a binance trading bot 

1.Create a binance sub-account:     

       You need to enter a real email address that is not used by other Binance accounts.


2. Sub-account email verification and main account two-step verification,

    For example, after Google verification, the sub-account is successfully created;

3. Click the three dots in the picture below and click Enable Future;


4. Open the API creation page:

5. Follow the steps below to create an API, and select the API key type to be generated by the system;


6. Return to the trading bot software interface, copy the API key and secret key into the software

    as shown below, and leave PASSPHRASE blank;

7. Select Binance main site or Binance test site and click the API settings button.


8. Return to the Binance API interface to set permissions, click the modify button in the picture

     above, and select Enable Futures and Restrict access to trusted IPs only,  fill in the IP address

     queried by into the blank space, click Save to complete the verification;


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