aijiebots office excel crypto trading bots tutorial 6:How to backtest?

How to backtest the crypto trading bot

1Click on the backtest form at the bottom of the software;

2. Manual parameter filling method: Manually fill in the parameters into the corresponding cells.

For parameters, refer to the parameter description in Tutorial 5. In addtionly, you need to set an

additional parameter for the number of backtest days:

The number of backtest days from now on. For example, it is now at 23:00 on April 5th,the number

of days is 1 day, then the backtest period will be from 23:00 on April 4 to 23:00 on April 5, and so on;


3. Select the desired backtest bot type with the mouse and click the Back Test button.


4. After the backtest is completed and the selected trading bot is selected,

a pop-up window will display the backtest information as following;

Note: backtest is only supportting okx now


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