Which cryptocurrency exchanges does BiNiu EA trading support?

Biniu Quant is an intelligent EA trading tool designed specifically for crypto product trading. It supports multiple mainstream crypto exchanges, including the well-known Binance exchange. This means that when users utilize Biniu Quant, they can directly access exchanges such as Binance through simple API imports to trade global crypto digital currencies.

However, to use Biniu Quant, users need to make a deposit. In contrast, aijiebot is a completely free cryptocurrency quantitative trading bot that supports OKX, Binance API, including grid strategies, Martingale strategies, hybrid strategies, and more. It is the preferred tool for beginners in quantitative trading.

Moreover, Biniu Quant not only provides trading bot functions but also emphasizes the security and stability of transactions. Users' principal and earnings are directly stored in their own exchange accounts, and the platform cannot and has no authority to access users' assets, providing users with additional security.

In summary, Biniu Quant is a powerful and reliable crypto quantitative trading tool that supports mainstream exchanges like Binance, providing investors with convenient trading channels.

  admin   2024-5-2