What advantages does aijiebot have over Biduoduo Quant?

aijiebot and BiDuoduo Quant, as two different quantitative trading tools, each possesses its unique characteristics and advantages. When comparing the two, the aijiebot cryptocurrency quantitative trading bot exhibits significant advantages in the following aspects:

Cost Advantage: Firstly, aijiebot is completely free, providing investors with a quantitative trading solution that requires no additional costs. In contrast, BiDuoduo Quant charges a certain fee, which may be an important consideration for investors with limited budgets.

Account Compatibility: BiDuoduo Quant only supports new accounts on exchanges, which limits its user base to a certain extent. However, aijiebot does not have such restrictions. You can use both new and existing accounts on exchanges such as OKX or Binance API with aijiebot for cryptocurrency quantitative trading.

Deployment Flexibility: aijiebot can be run on both servers and locally, offering users more choices. Users can select the most suitable deployment method based on their needs and resources. In contrast, BiDuoduo Quant may only support specific deployment methods, which may limit its convenience of use.

Parameter Setting Freedom: aijiebot provides more flexibility in parameter settings, allowing users to configure their strategies based on their investment strategies and risk preferences. This flexibility enables aijiebot to better adapt to the needs of different users, improving the accuracy and efficiency of quantitative trading. Conversely, BiDuoduo Quant may have relatively fixed parameter settings that may not fully satisfy users' personalized needs.

In summary, aijiebot has significant advantages over BiDuoduo Quant in terms of cost, account compatibility, deployment flexibility, and parameter setting freedom. These advantages make aijiebot a more attractive choice as a quantitative trading tool.

  admin   2024-5-2