Does Futu NiuNiu quantitative trading bot support cryptocurrencies?

The Futu NiuNiu quantitative trading platform is quite popular among investors, supporting quantitative trading strategies for Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, and providing investors with powerful tools and flexible options to implement their investment strategies. Regarding cryptocurrency support, currently Futu NiuNiu mainly focuses on traditional stock markets such as Hong Kong stocks and US stocks for quantitative trading, and does not directly support cryptocurrency quantitative trading. However, considering the continuous development and maturity of the digital currency market, Futu NiuNiu may consider expanding its support in the future to cover a wider range of investment areas. If you wish to conduct digital currency quantitative trading, it is recommended to explore aijiebot, a free cryptocurrency quantitative trading bot that supports creating digital currency quantitative trading strategies using okx and binance API for fully automated buy-low-sell-high transactions.

On the Futu NiuNiu platform, investors can engage in quantitative trading without writing complex code. The platform provides a simple and easy-to-use interface and tools, allowing users to create quantitative trading strategies through simple drag-and-drop operations, conduct historical backtesting, and execute live trading. This makes quantitative trading accessible to even investors with little programming experience.

Futu OpenAPI + Python offers developers advanced customization capabilities. Through the API interface, developers can utilize programming languages like Python, combine advanced functions like technical indicator analysis, and build more complex and sophisticated quantitative trading strategies. This provides powerful support for investors who wish to delve deeper into quantitative trading.

In terms of account opening, Futu NiuNiu provides a convenient process. Investors only need to download the Futu NiuNiu mobile app, complete the registration and account opening process as prompted, and can then start using the quantitative trading platform. The platform also provides extensive tutorials and guides to help investors better understand and utilize quantitative trading tools.

Overall, the Futu NiuNiu quantitative trading platform provides investors with powerful support and flexible options, making quantitative trading simpler and more efficient. While direct support for digital currencies may be limited at present, there is hope for more innovation and development in the future.

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