Why is Excel better than Python for quantitative trading?

For beginners, choosing a suitable tool for quantitative trading is crucial. While programming languages such as Python have widespread applications in quantitative trading, Excel VBA, with its numerous advantages, can be a prime choice for newcomers. For instance, aijiebot is a digital currency quantitative trading bot developed using Excel VBA, creating bot grid trading strategies and Martin trading strategies through OKX and Binance API.

Firstly, Excel does not require installing additional programs and can run in common office environments. Even the lightweight version of Office occupies only tens of megabytes, compared to hundreds of megabytes or more for other professional quantitative software or programming environments. This convenience makes Excel an ideal tool for beginners in quantitative trading.

Secondly, Excel's syntax is relatively simple and similar to VB (Visual Basic). This similarity allows users with programming experience to quickly grasp Excel's usage techniques. The lightweight VB compiler, which only takes up 6 megabytes, further reduces the learning and usage threshold. For beginners, this means they can focus more on learning quantitative trading strategies rather than being distracted by complex programming syntax.

Moreover, Excel boasts powerful data statistics capabilities. Whether it's simple data analysis or complex statistical models, Excel can provide effective solutions. This enables beginners to utilize Excel to quickly process and analyze vast amounts of trading data, providing strong support for establishing quantitative trading strategies.

Additionally, Excel can be used to create the simplest AI trading strategies. By combining VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming, users can automate trading processes and make rule-based trading decisions. Many people are using VBA for quantitative trading in digital currencies, cryptocurrencies, US stocks, and other assets, further demonstrating Excel's practicality in quantitative trading.

Notably, some Excel-related quantitative trading bots can be found on code hosting platforms like gitHub trading . Those tutorials provide learning resources for beginners and offer a platform for communication and sharing. Simultaneously, Excel can be integrated with charting tools like TradingView bot, providing more intuitive and convenient analysis methods for quantitative trading.

In conclusion, Excel, with its advantages such as no need for additional installations, simple syntax, powerful data statistics, and compatibility with other tools, is the preferred tool for quantitative trading beginners. Mastering Excel's basic operations and application skills will lay a solid foundation for beginners in their learning and exploration in the field of quantitative trading.

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