BTC Automatic quantized Trading Robot

      An outstanding AI financial robot that focuses on automated trading of virtual digital currencies. It combines artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning. It has powerful data analysis capabilities, deep learning capabilities, and the ability to automatically adapt to market changes. The Bitcoin Futures Trading [BitMEX Perpetual Contract] has shown excellent results:
1、Accumulated transactions over 10,000
2、Trading win rate exceeds 70%
3、The fastest band gains 10 days 70%
4、The biggest increase in 20 days is over 100%                                                                       官方交流qq群:154502997
5、The longest consecutive number of pens exceeds 100
6、Maximum retracement after optimization 13%
7、Sharp ratio exceeds 2
8、Leverage is very low, with an average position leverage of 0.3 times
      The above results are enough to show that Aijie is a low-risk and high-reward strategy. The law of large numbers tells us that in the repeated recurrence of random events, it is often almost inevitable, history will not be completely repeated, but it is always strikingly similar. Aijie Robot is committed to creating greater value for customers and creating a beautiful tomorrow for programmatic trading!

Risk Warning:
1、Digital currency is a highly speculative commodity, and there may be extreme market crashes.
2、In the event of extreme market conditions, robots may experience significant losses.
3、All bitcoins are hosted on Bitmex [the world's leading digital currency futures trading platform], and the trading platform has the possibility of running.
4、Other force majeure, such as losses caused by unpredictable program bugs.
The robot does not assume the above risks, nor does it promise to achieve the expected benefits. Please consider reinvesting clearly.
Recharge rules:
1、Register on the website first.
2、In order to prevent others from impersonating, the last three digits of the recharge amount should be agreed upon by a recognizable number.
3、Recharge address: Please contact me privately to request a BTC address.
4、After the recharge is completed, please send the hash value and recharge username to me for verification.


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